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Running Time: 13:38

Format: NTSC

Shooting Format: High Definition Digital

A Statement From The Director:

I believe film should not only entertain an audience, make them laugh, cry and move them visually and emotionally, but, should make them think and question. Through the telling of INFINITY I touch on several subjects pulled from current news headlines. Inspired by my own personal love for my 3-year-old nephew, I experienced a fear that if anything catastrophic happened to him, especially on my watch, my life would be forfeit. What allows someone like Susan Smith to put her toddlers in a car and drive them into a pond? How does zealotry, even in the hands of an unstable mind, lead to committing unimaginable acts? Was Terri Schiavo really unaware of what horrors might live in a damaged brain? Iʼve seen these kinds of events happen time and time again. This film is just an observance, not a comment or conclusion.


Elizabeth enjoys the perfect life. A perfect home. A perfect 4 year old daughter, Chelsea. A perfect loving husband, David. Even a kind but quirky next door neighbor, Edith, who keeps apprised of all matters, great or small, in her community. But, something is amiss. David seems troubled since returning from a tour of duty with his guard unit in Iraq. Struggling alone, his resolve breaks as he turns to a higher power for help, leading to a stint in a mental facility. Elizabeth carries on, projecting a brave face, to shield Chelsea from a reality the four year old couldn't possibly understand. But, in Poe-esque tradition, bad things happen to good people as this perfect life unravels in the blink of an eye. This tale spirals downward from the unthinkable to the even darker unknown depths of the unimaginable. What if, the eyes truly are the windows to the soul? Matthew 6:22-23 (King James Version) (selected) 22 The light of the body is in the eye:..... 23 If therefore the light that is in thee be darkness, how great is that darkness!


What Industry Insiders think about INFINTY

“INFINITY…an ambitious…dark…. evocative film. A definite must see” – Mark R. Harris, producer/CRASH, GODS AND MONSTERS, THE BLACK DONNELLYS.

"Infinity", a compelling film, beautifully done, which asks questions of the audience to which there are no simple answers. Filmmaking at a very high level - Michael Lange, Co-Executive Producer/Director/GREEK, DROP DEAD DIVA,THE O.C, BROTHERS AND SISTERS, DAWSON’S CREEK, X-FILES,NORTHERN EXPOSURE.

"An absolutely compelling, devastating film....but one that had to be made. Renee O'Connor dug deep, took risks and gave an incredible performance." - BERNADETTE JOYCE, TV AND FEATURE FILM PRODUCER/ XENA, HERCULES, AIRWOLF, KNIGHT RIDER

INFINITY clearly establishes Randy Crowder as a director with great skill and a definite “comer”. The film is a must see for industry big wigs…. The movie grabs you and doesn’t let go. – John Gabriel, veteran actor/ star of RYAN’S HOPE and voting member of AMPAS.

"INFINITY" is a dark and disturbing film deftly crafted by Randy Crowder who, as Writer/Producer/Director tells this horrific story with an artistic style that transcends the event making it all the more thought provoking. - Ray Cavaleri, Producer "THE HITMAN DIARIES: CHARLIE VALENTINE"

INFINITY is like walking up a dark stairway of emotion. With each step, you might think you’ve reached the top, but find there’s yet another step. And at the top of the stairs, you find that you haven’t been walking up at all, but have descended into a part of the human soul we strive to keep hidden.

In the talent and expertise of its filmmaking, INFINITY has captured lightning in a jar. Then INFINITY releases that lightning to scar and burn at the depths of the soul. No one leaves unaffected.

The thing that frightens every audience member is that INFINITY doesn’t allow for detachment. It’s firmly set in the real world of possibility that terrifies us.

Excited expectations walking in; stunned silence walking out. In between, an exquisitely terrifying peek into the human soul and a family’s tragedy.

No gore, no sex, no expensive car chase. INFINITY has an emotional rating of NC-17.

I’ve seen INFINITY twice. The first viewing did nothing to soften the emotional body blow of the second.-Steve Sears, writer, producer. SHEENA, XENA, SHE SPIES, THE A TEAM.

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